Solid Chechen Large Desktop Humidor

I will work with you to prepare a no-obligation quotation for creating a humidor to your exact specifications. The written quotation will include a detailed description of your humidor, a firm fixed price (including shipping and handling to a US destination) and estimated delivery date. I am happy to work with you to arrange international shipping if required.  Import duties, taxes, and tariffs are the client's responsibility.

As the preference of individual clients varies greatly, I do not maintain an extensive stock of exotic hardwoods. Advanced payment of 1/3 of the fixed price facilitates the purchase of materials to meet your specific requirements. Payment of the balance is due on completion of your humidor prior to shipment.


Delivery times are dependent on several factors including existing commitments, material availability, and problems encountered during construction. I make every effort to meet delivery estimate, however actual delivery can vary significantly. 

I will provide progress updates throughout the creation process including detailed pictures.


PAS Humidors custom handmade cigar humidors are individually priced depending on your specific needs. The market cost of materials, particularly wood and hardware, and included features such as multiple lift-out trays or remote humidity monitoring have a significant influence on price.

A medium sized 50-100 count desktop humidor in a North American hardwood would start at around US$800. A large, 100-150 count desktop humidor, again in a domestic US hardwood, would be priced starting at US$1000. The limited availability of many exotic hardwoods has driven their price up significantly. A humidor created from a museum-grade exotic hardwood would be priced accordingly and will likely run to several thousand US dollars.

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