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Cocobolo six box set
Ziricote Desktop Humidor
Wormy Burmese Teak Humidor


Recently completed for a private client, this XL desktop humidor offers a unique size, shape, and numerous custom features. This massive humidor measures 22" x 12" x 10" and will store from 200 to 250 cigars in 6 trays of two different sizes. Entirely constructed from native black cherry, it features dovetail joinery, Brusso quadrant hinges, a half mortise lock, and solid brass lifting handles. It is fully lined in weep-free Spanish cedar and includes a premium humidification system with a medium rectangular Heartfelt humidifier and Xikar wireless hygrometer/thermometer.


(Brazil Wood)

This dramatic humidor was created entirely from solid Pernambuco, traditionally the preferred material of instrument bow makers. Its  deep red color is reminiscent of a fine old violin bow. Storing up to 150 fine cigars in four Spanish cedar trays, this large desktop humidor features Brusso quadrant hinges, an A.E. Squires half-mortise lock, thread escutcheon and flush mounted lifting handles. Premium humidification is provided by a Heartfelt Industries 70% humidifier and a Xikar digital hygrometer /thermometer.

 Madagascar Rosewood

smoker's Utility chest

I modeled this solid Madagascar Rosewood smoker's utility chest after a rare 19th century Philadelphia ogee-footed sugar chest. It measures a mere 16 1/4 " by 11 3/4" by 9 1/4" and includes a locked upper storage compartment beneath a hinged raised-panel top and a full-width locked drawer. From the hand-cut ogee feet and half-blind dovetailed joinery to the dovetailed drawer with its traditional sliding dovetail guide, this truly unique chest reflects the finest of traditional and contemporary state-of-the-art cabinetry.

Pernambuco Desktop Humidor

Pomelle Sapele

I used a small quantity of rare Pomelle Sapele to create this dramatic one-of-a-kind humidor for a private collector. An instrument-grade high-gloss finish properly emphasizes the intricate dappled figuring of this exceptional African wood. Featuring Brusso quadrant hinges, an A. E. Squires solid brass two-lever lock with thread escutcheon, solid brass lifting handles, and premium humidification by Heartfelt Industries and Xikar, this stunning humidor would grace the desk or credenza of the most discriminating aficionado.

wormy burmese teak

Creating this unusual humidor from a single large plank of wormhole riddled Burmese teak  required considerable finesse. The finished humidor retains the original rustic appearance of wormy teak yet still provides the necessary airtight seal for proper cigar storage. Appointments include premium solid brass hardware from our preferred manufacturers, a full Spanish cedar lining with four identical Spanish cedar lift-out treys, and a premium humidification system including a Xikar digital hygrometer/thermometer and Heartfelt Industries 70% large rectangular humidifier.  

Rosewood Utility Chest
Pomelle Bubinga humidor

Madagascar Rosewood

Made entirely from select Madagascar Rosewood and aged Spanish cedar, this handsome desktop humidor measures  18" x 13" x  7", It features a pair of large Brusso quadrant hinges, a 2 1/2" A. E. Squires half mortise lock, a flush mounted thread escutcheon, and a pair of flush-mounted brass lifting handles.  Fully lined with weep-free Spanish cedar  and equipped with a Xikar digital hygrometer and Heartfelt Industries rectangular humidifier, this humidor can accommodate 150 fine cigars in  four identical Spanish cedar lift-out treys.

Medium Desktop Humidor

This recent PAS Humidors offering is a compact version of our standard desktop humidor. Measuring 13" x 9" x 5" its capacity is about 1/3 that of the larger unit and can store from 40 to 60 cigars. It is identical in construction and features to our larger humidors including dovetail joinery, Brusso hinges, a half mortice box lock, and premium humidification. This readymade medium desktop humidor is priced at $1500.

For a limited time only, this solid black walnut medium desktop humidor is offered at an introductory price of $1200 US.

XL Black Cherry Humirot
Pomelle Bubinga humidor


I created this magnificent humidor for a private client during the spring of 2015. A single billet of museum-grade Ziricote yielded the extravagantly figured lumber used to produce this  remarkable humidor. It will easily accommodates up to 150 fine cigars. Appointments included a pair of Brusso precision quadrant hinges, a 2-1/2" A.E Squires half-mortise lock with flush thread escutcheon, and a pair of solid brass lifting handles. It is fully lined with weep-free Spanish cedar and equipped with four identical Spanish cedar trays and premium humidification system.

Cocobolo keepsake Box Set

This set of six serialized keepsake boxes was fashioned entirely from solid Mexican Cocobolo. Measuring 8" wide by 5" deep and 3" high, each box was equipped with a pair of 3/4" Brusso stop hinges, a tiny 1" Viola full-mortise lock with a miniature plate escutcheon and a tasseled key. Box No. 1 of 6 was outfitted as  travel humidor. It is fully lined in weep-free Spanish cedar and includes a Caliber hygrometer and a small Paradigm humidifier.


This magnificent desktop humidor features the lavish figuring of premium Mexican Bocote with its numerous swirls and bird's eyes together with an exceedingly rare four-corner pattern match. Measuring 18" x 13" x 7 1/4", the high-gloss outer case features half-blind dovetail joinery, a pair of large Brusso quadrant hinges, an A. E. Squires half mortise lock with thread escutcheon, and a pair of flush-mounted brass lifting handles. It is fully lined with Spanish cedar and includes four lift-out trays, Boveda humidification and a Xikar digital hygrometer/thermometer. This striking humidor was custom made for a private client. 

Pomelle bubinga

This stunning desktop humidor was created from a single slab of instrument-grade Pomelle Bubinga. Measuring 18" x 13" x  7", the mirror finished outer case features half-blind dovetail joinery, a pair of large Brusso quadrant hinges, an A. E. Squires half mortise lock with thread escutcheon, and a pair of flush-mounted brass lifting handles.  With its weep-free Spanish cedar lining and premium humidification system, it can easily store up to 150 fine cigars in its four lift-out treys. This exceptionally beautiful humidor was created in 2013 for a private collector.

Large Pomelle Sapele Humidor
Pomelle Bubinga humidor