PAS Humidors

Outer Case Design

PAS Humidors custom handmade cigar humidors are each fashioned from the finest select hardwoods and premium hardware components. Each unique design incorporates a solid hardwood outer case surrounding a second inner case of weep-free Spanish cedar. The outer case provides for the humidor's structural integrity and striking appearance while the inner case establishes the optimum environment for the storage of fine cigars.  

Each outer case is constructed from the finest quality aged solid hardwoods selected from around the world. The front, back, and sides are joined with either through or half-blind dovetails at each of the four corners. Dovetailed construction produces an incomparably strong and stable case that will maintain its integrity for generations. Dovetails are difficult and time consuming to create, but their strength and beauty are well worth the additional effort.

Humidor tops and bottoms are constructed from matching  or contrasting hardwoods. They consist of either a solid floating panel or a custom cross-grain laminated panel depending on the client's preference. Solid top and bottom panels are allowed to float thus accommodating the inevitable expansion and contraction resulting from changes in temperature and humidity. Custom laminated tops and bottom panels may be firmly fixed in place as the lamination process eliminates virtually all  expansion and contraction. Laminated tops reflect a more modern design while floating or raised panel tops provide a more traditional touch.  Either design provides an excellent seal for proper cigar storage.

Decorative elements including beveled raised panels, highly figured veneer overlays, decorative inlays, or resawn and book matched figuring can be provided. The outer case of each handmade humidor is constructed as a closed box and then carefully sawn apart to form the top and bottom components. This process assures that the top and bottom match exactly in both size and wood grain. This is particularly important in dovetailed constructions as the exposed dovetails should exactly match at the joint between top and bottom.

Humidor shown in clamps during assembly process