1. Brusso Precision Hardware American made Brusso Precision Hardware is our exclusive choice for hinges and stays. Simply the best solid brass precision hinges and box stays available anywhere at any price.

  2. Cigar Storage: An excellent introduction to proper cigar storage.

  3. Cigar Oasis:The Cigar Oasis Excel is the latest model of this excellent microprocessor controlled active humidifier. It is suitable for medium to large desktop humidors up to approximately four cubic feet inside volume. Other sizes of these fine humidifiers are available.

  4. Cook Woods has an wide selection of hardwoods and exotics in a variety of sizes suitable for any kind of cabinetry or finish work. Excellent price and outstanding customer service.

  5. Heartfelt Industries: Heartfelt offers some of the finest and most reliable passive humidification products available. They are one of our preferred suppliers.

  6. K&J Magnetics offers an incredibly wide selection of rare-earth magnets in sizes and shapes for virtually anything you can imagine a magnet doing.

  7. Owl Hardwood Lumber Company is the premier Chicago area supplier of domestic hardwoods and select imports. They offer a good selection and fair pricing to Chicago area craftsmen.

  8. Xikar is our preferred supplier of digital hygrometers. Our extensive evaluation of digital hygrometers has shown Xikar ProTemp™ Digital Hygrometer/Thermometers to be exceptionally accurate out of the box. They maintain their accuracy over the long haul without maintenance or calibration. Overall an excellent hygrometer for the most demanding cigar enthusiast.

  9. Whitechapel-Ltd is our principal supplier of box hardware. Their selection of high quality hinges, locks, stays, and lift handles is extensive, their pricing is fair, and their service is exceptional.

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Preferred Suppliers


  1. Australian Fine Boxes Anthony Hoffrichter's boxes are strikingly beautiful  and exceptionally well-made while remaining perfectly suited to their intended function. 

  2. Reed Handcrafted Furniture Jim Reed is creating some of the finest handmade furniture you are likely to find. His work combines striking design with first-rate craftsmanship to produce a consistently world-class product. Visit his website with caution as you will want to own one of his exceptional pieces. But do it soon before he is more widely discovered.