View of inner case features including Spanish Cedar lining and lift-out treys

PAS Humidors

Inner Case Design

Every PAS humidor includes an inner case constructed entirely from aged Spanish cedar. Inner case components are hand fitted to assure as close to an airtight lining as possible. Top liners are affixed to the outer case in order to assure that the lining will remain in place with continued use. The fit of the lining components is so carefully maintained that the bottom lining is not typically affixed to the outer case.

Humidification components are usually mounted to the top liner by means of several rare-earth magnets. Magnets used to mount the relatively heavy humidifiers are mortised into the Spanish cedar top liner and than affixed to the inside of the outer case with small stainless steel screws. Hygrometer mounting magnets are similarly mortised into the top liner and held in place with epoxy.

Additional components such as movable dividers or lift-out trays may be included depending on the humidor's size and configuration and the client's preference. For larger humidors, one or more trays or several dividers may be included. Four identical trays are often included to facilitate the periodic rotation of stored cigars. Small humidors may not include any space management components.