PAS Humidors


Each handmade PAS humidor includes a premium humidification system that is individually matched to the needs of that particular design. Small and medium humidors incorporate passive humidifiers and either analog or digital hygrometers to maintain the moisture level at the optimum relative humidity. Larger humidors may utilize passive or active, microprocessor controlled humidifiers. We recommend humidification components offered by Heartfelt Industries, Cigar Oasis, and Xikar however individual client preferences can be accommodated.  

Passive systems such as Heartfelt Industries humidifiers can provide either 65% or 70% humidification levels depending on your individual preference. Active systems such as the Cigar Oasis units allow the owner to select from a wide range of digitally controlled humidification levels.

In order to assure your complete satisfaction, each humidor is individually calibrated and tested before delivery for it's ability to maintain the proper internal humidity level.

Detailed view of a typical humidification system.