View of flush-mounted thread escutcheon and antique brass drawer pulls
Detail view of humidor with large Brusso quadrant hinges

Only premium hardware from the world's finest manufacturers is used in the creation of each PAS humidor. American-made precision quadrant hinges from Brusso Hardware LLC, solid brass half mortise locks from the United Kingdom’s A. E. Squires Ltd, and miniature full mortise locks by Viola S.L. of Valencia Spain are examples of our preferred hardware components.

Hinges, stays, locks, escutcheons, and lift handles are individually selected for their consistency with your humidor's design, for their overall strength and quality, as well as for their striking appearance. Premium hardware accounts for a major portion of our cost. Nevertheless, our commitment to uncompromising quality requires that we us only the finest materials in producing the finest humidors available anywhere and at any price.

Each hardware component is hand fitted into the outer case prior to applying the finish. This helps assure that the top and bottom components of the outer case are properly aligned and that locks and handles will operate smoothly throughout the life of the humidor. After final assembly, all of the hardware components are removed in preparation for finishing.

PAS Humidors

Hardware selection