The finish of each PAS custom handmade humidor is intended to emphasize the natural beauty of  the wood selected. Artificial stains, wood fillers, and UV protectants are generally avoided. The exterior of each PAS humidor can be expected to age over time depending on the wood species. Genuine mahogany will darken to a rich brown while black cherry will attain a light reddish brown hue.

Over the years we have observed a certain affinity between fine cigars and fine whiskeys. Traditional finishes, particularly lacquer and shellac, are easily damaged with even small amounts of alcohol. Modern coatings such as polyurethanes and polyacrylics are largely immune to alcohol damage. They are far more durable than traditional coatings while still producing a particularly beautiful result.

The outer case of every PAS Humidors custom handmade humidor is meticulously hand finished with multiple coats of synthetic lacquer. All hardware is removed and the top and bottom outer case components are carefully fine sanded and inspected. The inside surface of the outer case receives at least three heavy coats of synthetic lacquer to form the critical moisture barrier necessary to maintain the proper relative humidity within the completed humidor. The entire outside surface of each humidor including the bottom receives five or more coats of hand rubbed synthetic lacquer. The number of coats applied depends on the wood species involved and the finish the client has chosen. Open grain, semigloss, or high gloss finishes can be provided.

The inner case of Spanish cedar traditionally remains unfinished.

After the entire finishing process has been completed, hardware is reinstalled and the lining is installed along with the humidification system. Each finished humidor is tested at the specified relative humidity to assure proper operation of all aspects of the humidor.

PAS Humidors

Hand Finishing

Example of high-gloss instrument-grade finish