Below are photos of the top, bottom, two ends and front of your Brazilian Rosewood humidor in the lamination process. Top and bottom laminates are complete, the two ends are laminated but top, bottom and parting line trim pieces have not been added yet. The front is shown just prior to lamination.

I have included a close-up of one of the top/bottom panels showing details of several pin holes with surrounding stain. This panel is very lovely. I can't decide whether the pin holes help or hurt the overall effect. The other panel is quite heavily quilted and whole asymmetrical it is nevertheless quite beautiful.

Note that I've book matched the end and front/back panels (top to bottom) as none of the remaining rosewood was wide enough to form the entire panel. With a lot of care and a little luck, the completed outer case will saw apart along the joint cleanly defining the top and bottom of the case.


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