Your Brazilian Rosewood humidor is progressing slowly but results are so far excellent. The top, bottom, front, back and side laminates have been completed than they look fine. I am now well into the "hard part", specifically covering the ends and edges of the frame panels.

The pictures below show the front and back panels in their current state. I think the top to bottom book matching of each panel looks fine and will produce a very striking outer case.  Picture 1/5 is of the rosewood side of the two panels. Picture 2/5 shows the mahogany side (inside) of each together with the four end-grain filer pieces. (the 4th filler is is already in place on the RH panel). The fifth piece is included to show the cross-section of each panel and is enlarged on Picture 3/5.


Picture 4/5 shows the mortise which has been cut in each end of the front and back panels to accept the four end-grain fillers. Picture 5/5 shows the other panel with the end-grain filler in place. 

Next step is to cover the long edges with rosewood and to create a narrow mortise at the parting line to accept two side-by-side filler pieces. When the closed case is cut open,  the parting cut will hopefully slice through the center of these double fillers. Clearly a great deal of precision is required to make this all work out properly.

In total, there will be 76 individual pieces of wood in the outer case with an additional 16 pieces in the lining. More complicated than I expected but as I've already noted, the results look excellent so far.

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