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PAS custom handmade cigar humidors rank among the finest available anywhere in the world. I will create a unique humidor that reflects your every need and desire. Whether you choose a quality domestic or  rare exotic hardwood, your finished humidor will reflect your unique vision of excellence. From the choice of materials to the application of the final premium finish, each PAS custom handmade cigar humidor is created as a lasting work of art.

A cigar humidor must first offer a reliable, safe, and stable medium for storing your cigars. Even a modest collection of premium cigars may represent a considerable investment. Environmentally stable and secure storage to protect this investment should be paramount to all other considerations. Quality materials, superior box joinery, a excellent moisture barrier and seal and a stable and reliable humidification system are all important considerations in selecting a premium humidor.  Every PAS custom handmade cigar humidor delivers these essential features in an attractive offering intended to last for many generations.

Every one-of-a-kind PAS custom handmade cigar humidor is created entirely by hand in my Naperville Illinois studio from the world’s finest materials and components. This is a lengthy process requiring many hours to design, construct, and finish a single humidor but I believe the result speaks for itself. Visit my website’s Design section for more a more detailed discussion of the standards that are applied to every PAS Humidor.

The Portfolio section provides photos of some of my creations.

Black Walnut Medium Humidor

premium cigar humidors

individually handmade to your exact specifications

 Custom handmade cigar humidors

Paul A Schuster